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Proxsea is in the business of increasing social capital. This is done by creating opportunities and tools for people to authentically connect with the people and places in which they live, learn, work and/or play. A person who has established an authentic connection with their community has a higher probability of adapting / innovating when necessary.

Increasing social capital can take shape through a variety of sessions and/or projects.
Brainstorming Session, Events, Programming, Campaigns, Shared Amenities, Initiatives, Shared Tools, Forming New Partnerships, Creating a New Organization... the list is endless. It depends on where culture currently resides, where you're headed and what is needed to amplify strengths to hit shared goals. The process all starts with a discovery meeting to see where you're at and what you need.

When you're at this choice point, hire

Past Projects

Always Curious. Never Stop Learning.

That's the motto as we move forward after having produced, co-produced, brainstormed, and advised over 150 events, campaigns and special projects. Here are a few highlights:


Artist + Researcher Exhibition

Delivering complex scientific information to the masses is not easy. Artists have always stretched the boundaries of concept and creativity. The goal of the Artist + Researcher Exhibition is to see what happens when the talents of both researchers and artists join forces to conceptualize a way to communicate the complex.




A three-day annual (2023 = 14th) Holiday Market hosting 170 + locally owned vendors, the airing of grievances, a locally made beverage tasting zone, a secret speakeasy, Phreddie the event's mascot, Hipster Santa, a community Bike ride and a performance stage with a full line-up of music, poetry, comedy and drag.

Teacher and Class

PESD 150th Anniversary Campaign


This was a 6 month long campaign celebration the oldest school district in the State of Arizona's 150th Anniversary. A social media story & photo collection drive, a then and now map of the district's evolution, and a giant Picnic in the center of downtown Phoenix featuring all 14 schools and a proclamation from Mayor Kate Gallego



Seasonal Campaign:

An ice skating rink with real ice in the middle of Central Ave within the CityScape Mixed-Use Development. Plan was to host big attractions to encourage people to live, work and play in downtown Phoenix.


Upward & Onward @ Cityscape

Satellite Community School:

In an effort to provide hands-on learning to individuals in their final year of high school with an intellectual or physical disability. This program paired businesses with high school internships which formed a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation focused curriculum.


Bike to work


To encourage biking as a mode of transportation. This experience provided individuals new to urban cycling a guided group ride through downtown Phoenix.



Over the past 15 years I have cultivated a reputation for the development, management or advisory support of over 140 programs, events and campaigns that evoke positive impacts for the community. I'm proud of that fact and I credit my ability to understand culture and identify trends. I focus on amplifying culture by creating community tools to support its growth. Tools can be an event, a think tank, a physical asset or even a location specific amenity. That list is endless. The goal is to maximize existing culture so that it becomes an authentic shared set of values and has the ability to accelerate a transition toward the next phase in economic prosperity.

Focusing on placemaking means social impact is a part of everything I do. Every project garners a true sense of belonging for people in the places they live, learn, work, and play.

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