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past Projects

Upward & Onward 
at Cityscape

Satellite Community School: In an effort to provide hands-on learning to individuals in their final year of high school with an intellectual or physical disability. This program paired businesses with high school internships which formed a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation focused curriculum.


CitySkate Phoenix

Seasonal Campaign: An ice skating rink with real ice in the middle of Central Ave within the CityScape Mixed-Use Development. Plan was to host big attractions to encourage people to live, work and play in downtown Phoenix.

cityskate logo.jpeg

Bike to work

Event: To encourage biking as a mode of transportation. This experience provided individuals new to urban cycling a guided group ride through downtown Phoenix.

2022 BTWphx- Danny Upshaw- Density colorful.jpg
Bike to work.jpeg


A three-day annual (2023 = 14th) Holiday Market hosting 170 + locally owned vendors, the airing of grievances, a locally made beverage tasting zone, a secret speakeasy, Phreddie the event's mascot, Hipster Santa, a community Bike ride and a performance stage with a full line-up of music, poetry, comedy and drag.

1 Phoestivus.JPG
Phoestivus banner.png

Viva Phoenix

Event: The goal was to get people to walk around downtown Phoenix, recognize how easy and safe it is and hopefully come back. This was done by hosting a 27 stage music festival scattered throughout downtown Phoenix. One ticket got you into all stages, but you had to traverse the urban core to get to the music you liked.


Arizona Restaurant Week

Annual Campaign: in 2008 when the economy was in recession, We created Arizona Restaurant Week In an effort to get more customers to try restaurants they wouldn't normally try based on price or lack of special occasion. What started as only Phoenix quickly became a statewide, 10-day, biannual campaign featuring restaurants offering a 3-course meal for a set price point. 

Restaurant week.webp

Zombie Walk 

Event: This was an event that was all things Zombies. The festival hosted 40 vendors and a main stage with musical acts, and a zombie costume contest emceed by KUPD's Holmberg Morning Sickness which all led to the main event, the 2.5 mile  Zombie procession throughout downtown Phoenix. The event attracted 20,000+ people...both alive and undead.

zombie walk.webp

Artist + Researcher

Annual Program: Delivering complex scientific information to the masses is not easy. Artists have always stretched the boundaries of concept and creativity. The goal of the Artist + Researcher Exhibition is to see what happens when the talents of both researchers and artists join forces to conceptualize a way to communicate the complex.

ARx2 Grand Opening Banner.png

Savor on CEntral

Event: Shut down Central Ave in downtown Phoenix to set a long table dinner featuring a four course meal prepared by 4 different restaurants in CityScape Phoenix. Goal was to give Epicureans a once in a lifetime dining experience tasting the wonderful restaurant options in the area. 

savor on central.jpeg

Super Bowl LVII

Event Permitting: Worked alongside Creatures Event Production to file all permitting for the Super Bowl Activations for Lays Inc. Liquor License, Temporary Use Permits, Community Letters, Structural, Electrical, Maricopa County Environmental Services Food Permits.

Human Claw.jpeg

Roosevelt Row Survey

Campaign: This was a 6 month long community workshop that ended in a survey to the newly gentrified community of the Roosevelt Row Arts District. Goal was to get a pulse on what the new resident, visitor and business owner wanted and needed from the district. 

Graffiti Artists
Paint Brushes

Super Bowl XLIX

Community Spotlight Event: With all the Super Bowl activity happening in downtown Phoenix, we were able to capitalize on the media hype and use extra income to host a community event the weekend prior titled TRUE DTPHX. It was a multi-stop event including a music stage, human foosball, shopping district highlight and a sample the City passport.


The Wurst Festival

Event: The summer in Arizona is slow for business. National Hot Dog Day is in the middle of July...The Wurst Festival ever was a test to see if comedy and hot dogs could bring out the Arizona resident to a Festival. We paired a hot dog contest with a Pun Competition and saw 300 people show up to an outdoor event with 90+ degree weather. 

wurst fest.webp

Urban ALe Trail & WIne Walk 

Event: The Light Rail was new to the Phoenix Metro and no one was riding it. A wine and a beer tasting event was planned offering samples of beverages for a set price point, but all locations happened to be along the light rail. It was too convenient not to ride the light rail. It was our version of gamifying light rail ridership, and it works. The annual events now attract thousands. 

urban ALE TRAIL PEEPS.jpeg
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